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Teams are allocated points based on their category, with "Premier Mixed" recognised as the sports premier category.  The winning Premier Mixed team is  recognised as the National Adventure Racing Champions.

Team members are also allocated points equal to their team's overall race position (regardless of category), which go towards their A1 Club ranking and membership levels.  At present this is simply a cumulative points membership and ranking, showing your dedication to the sport.

Your best 3 of 5 race results will count towards your category season total.



  1. A1 Club points example: members of a female team who won their category but came 5th overall would only get 50 points each towards their individual A1 Club ranking for coming 5th.
  2. Note members of a team "unranked" due to a retired team member, who go on to finish the course receive A1 Club points equal to their theoretical finish line position.  The retired team member only gets the 1 DNF point.


  1. A team may enter the series in one of the following categories: Premier Mixed, All Male, All Female, Masters (combined age 190 years+), Youth (combined age <= 110 years), with the Premier Mixed division recognised as the Sports Premier division.
  2. Teams may draw from a pool of up to 7 team members throughout the series.If you use more, you wont qualify for prizes and awards but keep your series points.  A team member nominated at the start of the season, who doesn’t end up racing does not count towards the teams total of 7.
  3. For a team to accumulate points towards the Adventure 1 series and to maintain an Adventure 1 ranking it must abide by the rules outlined for each sanctioned race (each race will have their own special rules).  However Adventure 1 has the right to over rule if we believe merited.
  4. In the event of a tie break, the team with the highest placed race results wins (most firsts, then most seconds etc). If still tied, then whichever team has the best head to head. If still tied then the lowest total time across all races wins. Adventure 1 reserves the right to determine the final season rankings in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  5. For the non-premier division categories (all male, female, masters and youth) a team must do 3 or more races in a category that attracts 3 or more teams competing, to quality for awards.