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NEVAREST CHALLENGE 12th - 14th July 2019

Pilgrim's Rest

The 3rd race of the A1 South African Series is the Nevarest Challenge on 12-14 July.  Set in the unique Pilgrim’s Rest, Mpumalanga area this 200 km course involving Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Paddling, Caving & Rope work will take you through amazing historic sites offering you a fascinating window into the past.

Exploring this early gold mining town and its surrounding panorama as if you were one of the settlers is bound to be an experience never to be forgotten!! This area is filled with unexplored gems and is only 4 hours outside of Pretoria and 1.5 hours outside of Nelspruit.

This will be a challenging course with winning times of about 18-20 hrs and a cut of time of 24 hrs. 

For more race details from race directors Greg Avierinos & Ruan van der Merwe go to their WEB SITE or FACEBOOK pages.

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