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X419th – 20th Jan 2019

Wanaka, Otago, South Island

The first race of the 2019 A1 NZ series is X4.  It takes the existing Red Bull Defiance concept and spreads it over teams of four, with only two people racing at any one time. This allows teams to be tactical in their selection and to sub in and out of their preferred stages.
Spectacular mountain trails, wonderful panoramic backdrops, stunning views, beautiful stage locations and participants from over around the world make this event a unique and unforgettable experience.

From January 19th to 20th 2019, 30 teams will take on the Red Bull Defiance – the most challenging and scenically stunning multisport race in New Zealand.

In 2019, the teams will have to overcome 6 stages, positioned over 2 days. The teams will run, bike, kayak, canoe and complete other adventure activities through the breathtaking alpine landscapes of Wanaka, taking them on a memorable journey around this amazing adventure playground.

For more race details, check out the race director's WEB SITE or FACEBOOK pages.

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