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MARokopa munter23 NOV 2019

Marokopa, Waikato, North Island

The final race in the A1 New Zealand Series will be the Marokopa Munter 24 Hour Adventure Race, in November (date to be confirmed). The event will be held in the Marokopa/Waitomo area that is one of the North Island's best-kept secrets.

The region is packed with adventure potential and is just under a two hours drive from New Plymouth and 90 minutes from Hamilton, which makes it an easy access location from all over the North Island.

Teams should expect a good, tough examination of their route finding skills in New Zealand classic bush country. The organisers say teams should be warned: “you will need a high level of fitness, experience and skill - this is not an entry level race!”

For more race details, check out the race director's WEB SITE or FACEBOOK pages.

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