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Twizel, South Island

Welcome to the 6th Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race. This is the furtherest south the event has ventured and we’re very excited about the location and course planned for 2019.

We’ll give you a hot tip, the hills around Twizel are steep! so if you enter keep that in mind in your training, plenty of ups and downs. The scenery on the planned course routes is spectacular but be prepared for a hot and dry day out in the wilds, and we strongly recommend tubeless mountain bike tyres with a fresh fill up of glue, there is a lot of spiky plants around that take great pleasure in watching you fix flat tyres. But like all adventures, be ready for anything, the McKenzie country can still be subject to southerly storms all year around, and it can also be extremely windy.

Teams are required to navigate a series of checkpoints using only a map and compass to guide them while transitioning between several disciplines, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Rafting and Navigation.  The A1 qualifying race is the 12hrs event.

For more race details, check out the race director's WEB SITE or FACEBOOK pages.

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