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24hr Race | 7th - 8th Mar 2020 | Coromandel, North Island

The 2020 series then kicks off on the North Island on 7 March with a 20th year edition of the Adventure Racing Coromandel (ARC) race: " Raiders of the Last ARC".  After 20 years of organising New Zealand’s longest running adventure race, event organisers and passionate AR advocates Andy Reid and Keith Stevenson still have a few tricks up their sleeves.  Drawing inspiration from the Australian race, the Rogue Raid, the course will adopt a rogaine format that will be sure to challenge the countries best navigationally, strategically and physically across an amazing wilderness course.

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X4- Cancelled COVID 

2 Day Race | 28th - 29th Mar 2020 | Wanaka, Otago, South Island

The 2nd race of the 2020 A1 NZ series is X4.  It takes the existing Red Bull Defiance concept and spreads it over teams of four, with only two people racing at any one time. This allows teams to be tactical in their selection and to sub in and out of their preferred stages.
Spectacular mountain trails, wonderful panoramic backdrops, stunning views, beautiful stage locations and participants from over around the world make this event a unique and unforgettable experience.

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Kaikoura AR- Cancelled COVID 

24hr Race | 25 - 27 Apr 2020 | Kaikoura, South Island

We are excited to announce that the NZ series will be joined in April 2020 by the Kaikoura Adventure Race.  Hosted by adventure racing mavens Tane Cambridge and Tim Farrant, this new 24 hour race in North Canterbury promises a spectacular wilderness adventure challenge.

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Bivouac AR

12hr Race | 3rd Oct 2020 | Whangamata, Bay of Plenty, North Island

The 2nd race in the A1 New Zealand Series is the Bivouac Outdoor Adventure Race in Whangamata.  Athletes will get to experience a mix of beautiful coastal beaches and native forest. The event requires no support crew and with Whangamata only being 2 Hours from Auckland Airport it’s easy for teams to get to from anywhere. There is also a range of other shorter events so bring the Family and all have a go. 

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Marokopa Munter

24hr Race | 21 NOV 2020 | Marokopa, Waikato, North Island

The final race in the A1 New Zealand Series will be the Marokopa Munter 24 Hour Adventure Race, on 21 November.

The rugged Waitomo area offers such a variety of spectacular terrain, mixed in with a healthy dose of rogaine, strategy and good old fashioned hills. The ‘Munter’ provides a quality hit out in preparation for GODZone at Rotorua, as well as an achievable race for intermediate level racers. Get 'Munted!

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