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To be the ultimate series for the world's ultimate endurance sport.


To showcase and develop adventure racing through our passion to Create, Inspire and Support.


Create a national series that brings to reality the dream of racing the toughest events in the most stunning landscapes. Create opportunities for newbies to share the dream and compete alongside adventure racing’s elite.


Inspire people to be part of the dream, by bringing to life the races and the incredible stories of everyday people, who achieve greatness within themselves by growing through adventure racing.


Support newbies and elite athletes to achieve the dream, by providing all the tools needed in one location.… i.e. to remove barriers to entry, so the difficult part is left to the race.

A1 Guiding Principles

  • Develop and promote all levels of the sport from newbies to elite athletes.
  • Maintain a connection with the adventure racing community to ensure a sustainable future for the sport.
  • Promote adventure racing as a gender neutral team sport, maintaining the “Mixed” category as the premier category.
  • Promote adventure racing as a drug free sport defined by the spirit of friendship and fair play.


That’s right!! Adventure 1 is excited to announce this new direction. A1 is all about YOU and for YOU. So jump on board and support A1 and its races and you’ll be supporting the growth of adventure racing in your region.

Why the change?
When Adventure 1 started in 2017 it changed the face of adventure racing in Australia. Teams now had a homegrown competition and brand new races across the country to challenge them. Not long after, A1 expanded into New Zealand and South Africa. With two solid seasons completed and the third soon to be decided, A1 has always been evolving and looking for ways to strengthen the sport. It is with that in mind that A1 has initiated a change that can only be seen as a positive for the sport. As a result of the work of a collective of adventure race directors and A1 founder, Adventure 1 will now be managed under a Not-For-Profit Association.

What does this mean?
Moving forward, A1 will now be managed by a committee of the participating race directors. This core group will guide A1 and oversee all aspects of the series. Fundamentally, the series points structure that has seen the growth of competitive racing will remain in place and National Champions, rankings and prizes are all still up for grabs. Teams can expect subtle changes to events as a level of consistency is integrated into each A1 race all while still experiencing each event’s unique character.

Rich Old, director of FullyRadAdventures who has been a participating member of the A1 series since its inception, is noted as saying “Having A1 run by race directors who are also racers can only be a good thing for the sport. All of us are committed to the success of the sport in Australia and see this change to A1 as the best way towards that.”

With a significant amount of groundwork into building the Adventure 1 brand over the past three years, A1 company director Todd Vickery is excited about the evolution the series. “By moving the management of the series under the umbrella of a not-for-profit association, we open up the opportunities for expansion of Adventure Racing. It will help keep costs down, open up sports granting opportunities and will be a step towards more official recognition of Adventure Racing on a mainstream scale. Furthermore, it will be an opportunity to open up participation in the future direction of the sport to the athletes themselves. Indeed, we will soon be putting a call out to the AR community for participatory roles in this process”.

With the change in direction of the management of Adventure 1 comes renewed vigour for the series and growth of the sport. The A1 team have some exciting announcements coming down the line including confirmation of the 15 races that will make up the three series in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Grass Roots “A2” series
A1 is all about supporting grass-roots adventure racing and will be bringing you an “A2” series starting off in Australia: think of it as a state based series of sprint races where teams battle it out for the title of state champion acting as a stepping stone towards A1.

Adventure 1 - joining the pieces of adventure racing together so you can survive the series.